Challenges, Do-Yous, and Goals — Oh My!

One lesson I continually teach (and re-learn) is the power of flexibility. Sometimes that’s in the form of testing new behaviors, thoughts, or beliefs. However, it can be as simple as changing your perspective. Here are three distinct ways to look at “success” online.

Dr.Mani poses a challenge that he’s proven to develop good habits.
The 30 Day Blog Challenge
To someone new to blogging, starting a blog can appear scary, intimidating and daunting. It’s none of these. In fact, it’s as easy as falling off a log! That’s what this ’30 Day Blog Challenge’ sets out to prove.

Carol asks a series of “do you” questions to evaluate where she is.
Do You Have What It Takes To Succeed in Internet Marketing
In order to succeed in internet business you must answer several “Do you have” questions. One of the most important ones, Do you have someone in your corner?, can be answered by participating in the 30 Day Blog Challenge being sponsored by Dr. Mani.

Paul shares the highlights of what he’s learned from various sources.
Goal Setting in the Present: Nine Goal Setting Lessons
One of my top goals is to become an information marketing entrepreneur. You know the kind who sits at his kitchen table in his underwear and makes money while he sleeps? As you know, goal setting, is a necessity, especially when you want to make improvement, but how does one get good at setting and achieving goals in the first place? 

Each perspective adds to our flexibility in terms of “success” and brings it a little closer. Of course, taking action on those new perspectives is also a prerequisite…so go do something with the new flexibility you just developed by reading the posts!

P.S. If you want to use a proven method to set your goals by asking a bunch of simple questions, go get your copy of my Six Steps for Change – Goal Setting Manual.